Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park

Just 10 kilometers south of Kenya’s bustling capital city of Nairobi, lies Nairobi National Park, a unique wildlife haven that offers an extraordinary safari experience right on the city’s doorstep. Established in 1946, it holds the distinction of being Kenya’s oldest national park and, despite its relatively small size, it boasts a rich diversity of wildlife and scenic landscapes.

Nairobi National Park is renowned for its impressive array of wildlife. Regular sightings of lions and hyenas make it a thrilling destination for safari enthusiasts. The park is also a sanctuary for the endangered black rhino, providing visitors with a rare opportunity to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Other notable residents of the park include hippos, ostriches, buffaloes, and giraffes. Bird watchers will be delighted with over 400 species of birds, making the park a veritable paradise for ornithologists.

If you are looking to explore this urban wilderness, the cost of a safari van, which can accommodate up to 8 people, is KES 15,000. This package includes transport in a comfortable safari van, game drives, an English-speaking driver guide, and government taxes, ensuring a seamless and informative experience.

However, the price does not cover Nairobi National Park entry fees and lunch, so visitors should budget for these additional expenses. The park entrance fee supports conservation efforts and the maintenance of the park, while the wide variety of lunch options available at nearby facilities cater to all tastes and preferences, allowing visitors to enjoy a meal surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Exploring Nairobi National Park offers a unique juxtaposition of wilderness and cityscape, providing a perfect day trip for both residents and tourists. Whether you’re a seasoned safari-goer or a first-time visitor, the park promises an unforgettable adventure filled with the sights and sounds of Africa’s iconic wildlife.


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Nairobi National Park