Hike Like a Boss with Africompass Travel

Hike Like a Boss with Africompass Travel

Think you can handle conquering Mt. Kenya, East Africa’s brag-worthy #2 peak and a UNESCO World Heritage Site to boot? Africompass Travel is here to help you with a killer 6-day trek that’s equal parts challenging and ridiculously awesome. Get ready for epic scenery, wildlife sightings, and bragging rights that will last a lifetime. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

Day 1: Gear Up & Forest Fun

First things first – gotta make sure your gear is ready to rock. Then, we’ll head to Sirimon Gate and kick things off with a chill 3-hour hike through the lush rainforest. Tonight’s digs? Jud Maier’s Camp (3,300m), a comfy spot nestled right in the trees. Rest up in your cozy mountain tent – the adventure really gets going tomorrow!

Day 2: Secret Valleys & Epic Views

Fuel up with a breakfast fit for a champion because we’re tackling the moorland today. But here’s the cool part – we’re ditching the usual path and venturing into the hidden gem that is Sirimon Valley. Think untouched landscapes, tons of wildlife, and enough photo ops to make your Instagram jealous! We’ll camp out overnight in Sirimon Valley (3,940m), surrounded by the beauty of the high mountains.

Day 3: Dramatic Valleys & Stargazing

Rise and shine, adventurers! Today, we say goodbye to Sirimon Valley and head for the scenic Hinde Valley. Get your camera ready because we’re about to traverse the dramatic Nithi and Gorges Valleys. Towering cliffs, untouched valleys, and cascading waterfalls – it’s like something out of a movie! Our home for the night is Hall Tarns (4,300m), where you can expect epic views and a sky full of stars.

Day 4: Magical Lakes & Waterfall Wonders

Descend into the enchanting Gorges Valley, where the mystical Lake Michaelson awaits, complete with the legendary Temple cave formation. Next up, we’ll explore the cascading Vivienne Falls, named after the famous author of “Speak to the Earth.” After soaking up the valley’s rugged beauty, we’ll head back to Hall Tarns for some well-deserved rest and maybe some epic storytelling around the campfire.

7 Days Chogoria Traverse
7 Days Chogoria Traverse

Day 5: Summit Day – Reach for the Peak!

This is it, the big day! We’ll take the less-traveled north face route on an exciting climb to reach Pt. Lenana, the third-highest peak of Mt. Kenya. Expect about 4 hours of challenging but rewarding trekking, all leading up to panoramic views that will blow your mind. After conquering the summit, we’ll descend to Teleki Valley and spend the night celebrating our victory at Mackinders Camp (4,150m).

the foot safari to Mt. Kenya
the foot safari to Mt. Kenya

Day 6: Descent & Epic Memories

Our final day sees us conquer the scenic Naro Moru route as we descend Mt. Kenya, completing a truly unforgettable trek around the entire mountain. The journey ends at the Naro Moru River Lodge, where you can relax, reflect on your incredible adventure, and let the memories of this epic climb sink in.

More Than a Hike: An Adventure You Won’t Forget

This Mt. Kenya trek with Africompass Travel is more than just a hike – it’s a chance to explore Kenya’s unreal natural wonders, from lush forests and dramatic valleys to towering peaks and all sorts of cool wildlife. It’s an experience that will push you, inspire you, and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Ready to conquer Mt. Kenya and totally crush your adventure goals? Contact Africompass Travel today and book your trip! The magic of Africa’s second-highest peak awaits.

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