非洲指南針 Tours and Travel is your finest safari company which is located in Nairobi Kenya. We specialize with both domestic and international tours. The trips on this website are the best you can find – they have been tested and received our stamp of approval from many partners including SafariBookings.com到到網. If you are considering an outdoor vacation anywhere in East Africa, write to us and let one of our experienced staff match the perfect trip with your dream. We will listen to you, and take the care to help you choose the best destination and adventure. Your vacation is the most precious time of the year and we are committed to make it the most memorable time of your life!



  • Danson and his team gave us great service with timely and reliable runs between airport, hotel and meetings – as well as a great trip to Nairobi National Park. Will definitely be using Africompass again on future visits to Kenya.

    Jeremy Astill Brown
  • 在內羅畢訪問期間,我與 Africompas 旅遊和旅行一起參觀了內羅畢國家公園和 Karen Blixen 博物館。導遊非常友好並且了解野生動物。他還付出了額外的努力來確保我能看到盡可能多的動物。我可以熱烈推薦這個機構。

  • Africompass 旅遊團隊自始至終提供極為專業的服務。他們善於溝通、反應迅速,同時能夠在短時間內提供服務而不影響品質。

    Callum H
    Solo Traveller
  • 從開始到結束的各個階段都進行了清晰、簡潔的溝通,確保沒有隱藏的驚喜。提前商定的行程就像發條一樣運作,每個人/事情都很可靠。最適合在肯亞旅遊和狩獵。

  • I’ve used the services of Africompass for quite a few years. The staff and management were able to bring the right solutions to me and my family. we have ALWAYS had friendly and safe people take care of us.

    Steve Dennis
  • Danson was a great guide! We were a group of 5. My dad was quite impressed the moment he was picked up from the airport by this beautiful safari car! It was very comfortable ride and we shortly arrived at the lake house we rented by lake Naivasha. I would like to passionately recommend this service to everyone who’s visiting Kenya.